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Starset - INFECTED
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Starset - INFECTED

Standard Acc

Mapped by Joshabi

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Player NameTime SetAccuracyAPScore
#301NanaTsuki's profileNanaTsuki1 year ago90.44%317.48524,298
#302taka185's profiletaka1851 month ago90.37%317.24523,902
#303꧁🖤꧂ Momma Chee ꧁🖤꧂'s profile꧁🖤꧂ Momma Chee ꧁🖤꧂9 months ago87.04%305.53504,565
#304TestDummy's profileTestDummy1 year ago81.63%286.55473,225
#305torn's profiletorn7 months ago45.98%161.4266,543
#306Sp00ky_C0de's profileSp00ky_C0de1 year ago0%00
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